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Thursday, December 5, 2013

45 Homemade Stocking Stuffers

19 days until Christmas!

Here is a great list of little gifts you can make to fill up those stocking that have been hung by the chimney with care.

*UPDATE (12/10/13) - I realized that I should have included links to the tutorials for all of these ideas so you can just click to the link and get crafting! Quick note about tutorial links: There are tons of really great tutorials floating around the internet machine and I just linked to a few of them. Also, I haven't tried all of these yet so please don't blame me if they don't work :)
  1. headband (t-shirt head band from A Beautiful Mess)
  2. hair clips (here is a beautiful pearl clip inspired by Chanel from Clones n' Clowns
  3. small dollies or softies (check out my mermaid dolly tutorial review)
  4. Peter Pan collar necklace (glamorous necklace tutorial from A French Diary for your Zooey Deschanel wannabe!)
  5. sleep mask (Breakfast at Tiffany's Holly Golightly sleep sleep mask tutorial from Oh Lovely Lolo)
  6. crayon roll-up-also for markers, pencils, paintbrushes, knitting needles, makeup brushes, etc... (use my tutorial)
  7. brooche(sweet sequin heart brooch tutorial from Vivid Please)
  8. friendship bracelet covered ear buds (for tangle-free earbud cords use this tutorial from Kiss Me Awake)
  9. animal masks (crazy cute raccoon felt mask tutorial from Mom Spark)
  10. felt food (apartment therapy's list of free tutorials)
  11. i-spy bag (great for little minds! tutorial from A Little of This, A Little of That)
  12. painted/dyed wooden spoons (love this idea to add a little color to your kitchen, tutorial from tessacotton)
  13. washclothes (my mom crochets washcloths on long road trips and while watching sports with my dad. I have a few that she has made and I love them! I use them for cleaning and for bathing. make some with some lovely cotton yarn for yourself using this tutorial from Ball Hank n' Skein)
  14. scraper sponge (these are wonderful for getting stubborn grime off of pots and pans, even non-stick! here's a tutorial from Maggie's Crochet)
  15. treasures bag (use my notebook doodle treasures bag tutorial)
  16. homemade crayons (use my homemade crazy crayons tutorial)
  17. body sugar scrub (so many recipes to choose from, this one from Wellness Mama sound good!)
  18. homemade lotion (here is a whipped body lotion from The Bikini Gardener) 
  19. homemade soaps (this is a tutorial for beautiful purple marbled lavender soap is from Lovin' Soap)
  20. coupon wallet (there is probably a good free tutorial for a coupon wallet out there somewhere but the reviews on this instant download by iSew on Etsy makes it worth the $8)
  21. pickle aka mini emergency kit (make one of these mini emergency kit for anyone, but especially those with kids. its full of everything you could need to get out of a pickle :) Use this DIY tutorial from Tidy Mom or make up your own!)
  22. fruit preserves/jelly/jam (every year my cousin makes jelly to give out to all the households in the family, I can easily say that that jar hardly makes it into the new year before its gone! here is a recipe for crockpot apple butter from The Brown Eyed Baker [she is my favorite food blogger!])
  23. camera strap (check out my tutorial review)
  24. coffee cozy (here are my doughnut cozy tutorialrocket ship cozy tutorial, conversation heart cozy tutorial)
  25. pincushion (one can never have too many pincousions! This tutorial fromPaper. String. Cloth. is so cute and looks pretty simple to put together, you could make one for every stocking on your list!)
  26. needle book (I've made a few of these over my sewing lifetime and I could use a few more! Use this tutorial by Jessy Ratfink on
  27. Peter Pan /Robin Hood hat (I recently made this for my nephew for his Halloween costume, it turned out really well and was super easy! I used this pattern and tutorial from Sew in Harmony)
  28. hot chocolate spoons (I remember seeing these in a coffee shop when I was a little girl and thinking they were the most magical thing ever! Make some using this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess to flavor warm milk for hot chocolate or coffee for wonderful mocha.)
  29. sunglasses case (use my Audrey sunglasses case tutorial)
  30. reusable lunch bags (i'm planning on making a few of these for my kiddos when we get to the school age. I love the idea of not throwing away plastic baggies every day. use this tutorial from i heart nap time)
  31. marble maze (what a great little toy for busy toddler minds! use this tutorial from Our Little Corner of the World)
  32. Altoids box Thumbelina bed (this would probably be super easy to make up a pattern for, but save yourself the trouble and buy this one from mmmcrafts on etsy for $8!)
  33. lost tooth pillow (this monster tooth fairy pillow is just too darn cute for words! email Just Another Hang Up for the PDF)
  34. finger puppets (there are tons of finger puppet patterns out there, but I am loving these cute little penguin puppets. they remind me of the penguins from Mary Poppins. use the free PDF from Red Roof Patterns)
  35. matching memory game (I remember loving memory games as a kid and this tutorial by Craftiness is Not Optional looks so simple and inexpensive)
  36. quite book (this is a highly personalizable gift. you can make pretty much anything you want for you little person. check out How to Make a Quite Book for more info)
  37. neck tie (the Hubs is one of those dads who wheres a lot of ties, I love the idea of making him one that is just his style and personalized. use this tutorial from Molly's Sketchbook over at The Purl Bee)
  38. bow tie (check out my tutorial review)
  39. scarf (this is such an easy and quick t-shirt infinity scarf tutorial)
  40. hat (crocheting a hat can be such a relaxing thing to do while watching a movie or chatting with friends,check out these 38 free crochet hat patterns for beginners on All Free Crochet)
  41. gloves/mittens (up-cycle a sweater and make these beautiful felted wool mittens using this downloadable PDF from RebeccaMeaDesigns on etsy for $8)
  42. socks (I have never made socks, but I wish I had some cozy homemade knitted socks. especially if they had a great Fair Isle design. *hint hint mom* use this great tulip sock knitting pattern from Whit's Knits over at the The Purl Bee)
  43. Sharpie painted coffee mug (I made a mug for the Hubs last January for his birthday. it said, "COFFEE IS FOR CLOSERS" and he loves it. I would recommend using a special oil-based paint pen specifically for using on glass. get some really good tips and tricks from DIYopolis and a full tutorial from A Beautiful Mess)
  44. gift card envelope with a fabulous gift card (use my tutorial)
  45. coasters (use my kiwi coasters tutorial)
I love stocking stuffers! Hope this  list is inspiring and that it gets you crafting and filling those stockings!

If you have any more ideas or if you have a tutorial on your blog leave a comment and I will add it to the list.


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