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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Stocking stuffers for the Kids

Stocking stuffers for the Kids
We are going out of town for Christmas this year. So, to keep things simple we have decided to just do stockings. No big presents. If it doesn't fit in a stocking its out.

I actually really love this idea. Its a challenge, and its fun. I am being creative with what I stuff into our little stockings. And its a great reminder to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and not on the amount or size of the gifts.

I did a post yesterday about homemade stocking stuffers, stocking stuffers for everyone, for him, for her, and the babies. Check them out!
So, without farther ado, here is my running list of great stocking stuffers for everyone on your list! 

Please feel free to add on in the comments!
  1. army men or ballet girls
  2. small balls
  3. small instruments (kazoo, tambourine, jingle bells, maracas) 
  4. travel-size board games
  5. crayons
  6. markers
  7. stickers
  8. paint and  brushes
  9. stencils
  10. match book cars
  11. small figurines/bobble heads
  12. shoes (for little feet!)
  13. temporary tattoos
  14. jewelry
  15. walkie talkies (do they still make these?)
  16. cool band-aids
  17. crazy straws
  18. glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars
  19. small piggy bank (and some money to start the collection!)
  20. Legos
  21. trains
  22. whoopee cushion
  23. Jacobs ladder
  24. hacky sack
  25. Rubik's Cube
  26. action figure
  27. doll
  28. magic towel (the just-add-water kind)
  29. friendship bracelet kit
  30. treasures bag (pretty much any nice bag or small purse for tiny treasures)
  31. magnifying glass
  32. balloons
  33. scrunchies
  34. bean bags
  35. alphabet magnets 
  36. crazy scissors
  37. nail decals
  38. matching memory game 
  39. night light
  40. flash cards
  41. silly putty
  42. sippy cup
  43. water bottle
  44. plastic flatware 
  45. character washcloth buddy
  46. bath crayons
  47. bath toys
  48. blocks
  49. spinning tops
  50. jacks
  51. bouncy balls
  52. water gun
  53. paper airplane kit (roll up some paper and call it a kit. then show them how to make airplanes and spend the afternoon flying them around)
  54. finger puppets
  55. magic wands
  56. sidewalk chalk
  57. magic tricks
  58. fancy shoe laces
  59. paper punches in cool shapes
  60. stamps and ink pads
  61. henna
  62. roll of silver dollars
  63. bandana
  64. doll clothes

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