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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dressing for Everyday - Double Breasted Coat with Brocade Pants

I love love love clothes. I love them so much that I have been wearing them for most of my life! Hehe :)

But for reals, clothes are great. I mean I was a costume designer for years. I spent most of my adult life (and even before that) studying, making, researching, designing, and styling clothes. I would love to do more blogging about fashion. I want to be able to offer a look into dressing for real life.

As I have said before my sister, Annie, is pretty much the coolest person I know. For reals. She is beautiful and has a great wardrobe. She has a wonderful eye for classic fashion. So, I asked her to work with me to do some fashion posts.

We want to show how we work fashion into our different lifestyles on a budget. Annie is a college student who is a major free-spirit. She spends her days going to class, studying, hanging out with friends, drinking coffee and making art. I am a mom. I spend my days doing laundry, feeding a constantly hungry two year old, juggling an infant, and changing diapers. I think we cover a good amount of lifestyles.

We are both pretty classic dressers. Annie is a little more trendy than I am. But we both tend lean vintage whenever we can. We believe that dressing for your body and in items that make you feel great is the key to endless style. And endless style is the goal! (Or not looking bad in photos 15 years from now is the goal.)

Annie an I truly believe that clothes can change your life. So, we are going to start posting some really great outfits to be inspired by. We want to show how putting together a great wardrobe can be easy, fun and if you are smart, it won't break the bank! The first look Annie put together is a mix of thrifted, vintage, sale and designer pieces. Its perfect! Exactly the way we like to dress.

Its a classic look with a few modern elements thrown in for some sass. The coat (ZARA) is the most expensive part of this look and it was a gift. Aren't those gold buttons and zippers to die for? The pants have a great subtle brocade pattern to them which is so classic and the shape of the pants shows off Annie's figure and her cute red ballet flats. Under her ZARA coat she is wearing a little cream lace shell she found in a hole-in-the-wall vintage shop in Ireland for about the same amount as an Irish pint. And her blazer is a thrifted H&M, it brings the whole thing together with a slight sheen and a button right at the waist to highlight her smallest area. Oh, and her gloves are from Cracker Barrel, my mom said that I had to make sure you all knew that fun fact.

I love this look for everyday, running around town, picking up groceries, getting coffee, taking the kids to soccer, etc... Its a great look, but its also easy. And easy is good for busy lives.

Top ........ Cream Lace Shell ........ Vintage (here's a similar one at Express)
Blazer ........ Denim Blazer ........ Thrifted H&M (old, but here's a similar one at J. Crew)
Pants ........ Black Brocade Cigarette ........ Target (old, but here's a similar one from Sanctuary at Zappos)
Shoes ........ Red Flats ........ Thrifted (here's a similar pair from Tory Burch at Farfetch)
Coat ........ Black with Gold Buttons ........ ZARA (here's a similar one from ZARA)
Gloves ........ Black ........ Cracker Barrel (*smile*)

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  1. This is great, enjoyed reading it, Corey. And Annie is so cute!