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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Stocking Stuffers for Him

Stocking Stuffers for Him
We are going out of town for Christmas this year. So, to keep things simple we have decided to just do stockings. No big presents. If it doesn't fit in a stocking its out.

I actually really love this idea. Its a challenge, and its fun. I am being creative with what I stuff into our little stockings. And its a great reminder to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and not on the amount or size of the gifts.

I did a post yesterday about homemade stocking stuffers, stocking stuffers for everyone,  for her, for the kids and the babies. Check them out!

So, without farther ado, here is my running list of great stocking stuffers for the men on your list! 
Please feel free to add on in the comments!
  1. guitar picks
  2. guitar pick punch
  3. hip flask
  4. golf balls
  5. golf club covers
  6. golf/baseball/football gloves
  7. ammo (if he's into that kind of thing)
  8. tools (screw driver/hammer)
  9. fishing lure 
  10. pocket knife
  11. shoe shine kit
  12. necktie/bow tie
  13. tie clip
  14. lapel pin
  15. pocket square
  16. cuff links
  17. money clip
  18. watch
  19. wallet
  20. belt
  21. belt buckle
  22. after shave
  23. mustache wax/beard oil
  24. shaving kit (the old fashioned kind, with a brush and all!)
  25. matches (waterproof and in a container for those outdoor adventures)
  26. compass  
  27. cologne
  28. cigar
  29. cigar cutter

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