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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mermaid Dolly

Has anyone else noticed that there are only 20 days until Christmas?!?!

Last year I was super good about making as many gifts as I could. I also blogged a Christmas post every day leading up to Christmas. It was great! I posted most of the tutorials for the gifts that I made last year before Christmas day. This meant that the pictures of the gifts I was giving were on the blog before they were unwrapped by the people they were made for. I kind of figured that most of my family wouldn't read my blog and they would still be surprised. Turns out they do read it, and I ruined Christmas. Okay, maybe not ruined, but I learned my lesson. I won't be doing the same thing this year. I will, however, be posting some great Christmas tips so make sure you are following (Bloglovin', Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and by email!) so you don't miss anything!

I am really behind on my gift making this year. Really, really behind! I have made one gift. Out of 26. Yup. 26. I will have to average more than one gift a day to get these done on time for the big 25th. SCREAM!!! 

Oh well, it is what it is. My family is wonderful and they will all understand. Right, family? You won't be mad? Please don't disown me for not having your gifts finished in time to put them under the tree.

Because I don't want to spoil any surprises, today I am going to share a little dolly that I made for the Hubby's cousin's daughter. We saw them for Thanksgiving and that's when we gave it to her so she has seen it and I am not ruining Christmas by posting this. She is about 18 months old so I knew a little dolly would be just perfect! 

I've been so into mermaids recently. Who isn't into mermaids?

This is the cutest little mermaid dolly (thank you Wee Wonderfuls by Hillary Lang!) I made this little treasure in about an hour and a half. Love it! 

I love making my own patterns, but I also love to find great patterns and tutorials that someone else has already figured out. I saw this little mermaid on someone else's blog and fell in love with its sweet style and petite size. Its perfect for little hands to love. It also makes a great stocking stuffer, in fact I am planning on making one to put in A's stocking (that is if I have time.) 

I would totally recommend this book. Wee Wonderfuls by Hillary Lang (check out her blog, too!) is full of great patterns for really sweet little toys. I am so glad I got the book. Her patterns are really easy to follow and the dolls are so cute! I'm thinking about working through the book and making every doll, a la Julie and Julia. But not until after the holidays!

What are you working on this holiday season? Are you like me, and have bitten of a little more than you can chew? Are you going to finish in time to open on Christmas morning? 

Good luck!


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