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Sunday, December 22, 2013

News Years Resolution - Whole30, Get Healthy NOW!

Since my first Whole30, almost six months ago, I have slipped back into my former eating habits. I wouldn't say that I'm eating super unhealthy, but I'm not eating fully paleo. I don't eat rice and I don't eat a ton of dairy or refined sugars, but I do eat other grains and some sugar and a fair amount of cheese. The silly thing is that I know that I feel better, sleep better, look better while eating a fully paleo diet, but I have been lazy.

So, I'm doing it again!

This time I am roping some of my wonderful friends and family members into this crazy journey to ride along with me! I know that this experience will make a huge difference in their lives and well as opening up a brand new view point of what "healthy" means. I am so excited to have some partners in crime this time around.

I am committed to these people having as great of an experience as I had the first time around. I understand that not everyone takes to this lifestyle shift the same way. It is so so hard to forget what our culture says is "healthy" and eat what is actually good for our bodies. We have been eating foods for our whole lives that are considered healthy and they are actually the total opposite. Its tough to unlearn that. But that is the beauty of the Whole30. It cleans out  all of that old stuff and creates a brand new habit of eating.

I learned so much about my body and the foods that I eat and how those foods effect my everyday life through my first Whole30 and I am so excited to start my next one.

The group that have committed to joining me this time is a pretty good mix of foodies. There are a few people who have done the Whole30 at least once, and a few who are paleo vets. There are also a few who are totally new to the idea, other that hearing my praises. I am so excited for these newbies to take this on! I just can't wait to hear about their experiences.

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To ensure everyone's success, I have started a Facebook group where everyone can post pictures, recipes, questions, tips, links, and inspiration. We also have an Instagram hashtag #WHOLE302014FTW so we can easily post pics of our fabulous meals. I will continue pinning paleo recipes and recipes that can easily be modified to fit the Whole30 guidelines on Pinterest. I am going to create a list of my favorite recipes (a request from my aunt), and I am going to be updating on here as often as I can. Posting recipes and a weekly update just as I did last time.

I want to challenge anyone who is even a little interested in taking on a Whole30 journey that this is your time! Don't wait, just jump in! Its really not as hard as you might think it would be. Grab some friends (everyone is looking to "get healthy" this time of year!) and create a support group. Use our hashtag and follow this blog for inspiration.

I am so excited to start my Whole30 and I can't wait to make this journey with some really wonderful people.

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