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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Whole30 Journey - Reintroduction

iced coffee with cream
Day 1 - Dairy

What I ate:

  • A splash of cream in my coffee - it was good, but honestly I like coconut milk in coffee. I don't think I will go back to cream unless that is the only option
  • Two spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt over peaches - again, good but I like coconut milk.
  • Three slices of cheese with turkey roll-ups - this was more what I had been missing.
  • Small amount of mozzarella with dinner - yup! I missed cheese!
  • Small bowl of ice cream after dinner - holy sweetness Batman! I haven't had any kind of sweeteners in a month and that sugary ice cream was crazy! It didn't even taste that awesome. I wasn't relishing it, it was almost sickeningly sweet. 
How I felt:
Ugh! I started feeling kind of crampy in my hips and lower back, kind of like mild
contractions or PMS. My joints felt sore, I was bloated, and I got a stomach ache after the ice cream. I had a really hard time falling asleep and didn't sleep well at all. Seems like my body isn't loving the dairy or the sugar.

Day 4 - Gluten
amish friendship bread
(not actually what I ate, but I forgot to take a pic)

What I ate:

  • 1/2 of a giant (seriously, bigger than my head) pancake - couldn't eat more than half.
  • A few Ritz crackers through out the day - megh, take it or leave it.
  • A slice of homemade wheat bread with dinner - this was pretty good, I really do love a good slice of homemade bread.
How I felt:
Honestly, gluten is what I was expecting would give me to hardest time, and I didn't notice any reaction. I felt fine on the day I introduced it and I felt fine in the days following.

grits from mallery street cafe, st. simons island, georgia

Day 7 - Non-Gluten Grains

What I ate:
  • Grits with breakfast - we were in Georgia, so I had a good southern bowl of grits!
  • Gluten-free bread sandwich - Udi makes a really tasty bread.
  • Rice with dinner - just white rice, not to interesting. take it or leave it.
How I felt:
I was pretty much fine all day until after dinner. My fingers started to swell up about 45 minutes after dinner. It was slightly itchy and painful. I am thinking rice may not be my ticket to healthy living.

Day 10 - Legumes


I don't really have any desire to reintroduce legumes into my diet. I honestly don't miss them. Not even peanut butter. 

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