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Thursday, February 2, 2012

KISS ME Conversation Heart Coffee Cozy TUTORIAL

Here is the tutorial for our super cute Conversation Heart Coffee Cozy. Its pretty easy, so take an afternoon and make one of these sweet cozies for your bestie or your dearest love.

  • What you need:
    • One sheet of felt 9”x12” OR ⅛ yard of felt WHITE
    • One sheet of felt 9”x12” OR ⅛ yard of felt PINK
    • Thin cotton quilt batting
    • Aqua blue embroidery floss
    • Light pink embroidery floss
    • 4” of cord 2mm cord elastic
    • One ¾” button
    • Pink machine thread
    • Washable fabric glue
    • Scrap paper
    • *NOTE: you can use whatever color combination you like, check out a box of Conversation Hearts for inspiration*

  • Cut out two pieces of felt using the BASIC PATTERN - FELT. To do this, fold the sheet of white felt in half long ways; pin the pattern in place, and cut out using very sharp fabric scissors. Cut out two hearts from the pink felt. To do this, fold the sheet of pink felt so that the HEART PATTERN - FELT fits when placed on the folded edge. Cut one heart out of the cotton batting using the HEART PATTERN - BATTING, using the same technique.

  • Sandwich the batting in between the two hearts and pin. Sketch out your saying on a piece of scrap paper cut into the the same size and shape of the felt hearts. Transfer the letters onto one of the cozy pieces with tailors chalk.
  • Using the back stitch embroidery stitch (see this video for instructions), stitch your letters through all layers of your heart sandwich with the aqua blue embroidery floss. Start with the middle letters (I and S) and work your way out. This will insure that your saying is centered.

  • Using the running embroidery stitch (see this video for instructions) to stitch around the outside edge of the hearts with the light pink embroidery floss.

  • Layer the two pieces of felt on top of each other making sure to match up the edges and corners. Fold the elastic in half and pin inside the felt sandwich according to the elastic placement marking on the pattern. Pin the rest of the sandwich so that it doesn’t move while sewing.

  • Using the sewing machine and the pink machine thread, stitch around the perimeter of the felt, using the edge of the presser foot on the edge of the felt as a guide. Before you get to the place that you started the stitching, sink the needle into the felt and turn to make another row of stitching. Continue this until you have completed the swirl pattern on the cozy.

  • Fold the cozy in half and mark the center with two pins. Apply fabric glue to the back of the heart; taking care to avoid the sections of the heart that won’t be touching the cozy and the edges of the heart. Place the heart on the cozy lining up the points of the heart with the center pins. Sandwich between heavy books and let dry.

  • Optional: Restitch the edge of the heart along the same line as the light pink running stitch, this time going through the cozy as well as the heart when possible.
  • Sew the button onto the cozy, see the button placement marking on the pattern, going through both layers of felt.

Now go out and use your new creation!

Here are the patterns. Print them out on a full sheet of paper.

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