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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

T-Shirt Scarf - Quick and Easy DIY

Here is another one of my homemade Christmas gifts.

Its a...


This project literally took me about 30 mins to make.  I think it turned out super cute and my sister-in-law (well they aren't married, but I consider her my SIL) loved it. She is a really cute little college student who is studying dance and has a great and easy style about her.

I had a feeling this would be perfect for her. T-shirt scarves are so easy to throw on and go out the door to class. It livens up an outfit without trying too hard or having to think too much before having coffee.

I used a scrap of leftover jersey fabric that I stitched into a tube and then cut into strips, but there is a really great tutorial for using an existing t-shirt on Tiny Anchors. Check it out and make your own or one for a friend, its so EASY!

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