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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rocket Ship Coffee Cozy Pattern and Tutorial

Here is the pattern and tutorial for the Rocket Ship Cozy
I hope you enjoy making your very own rocket ship! Please comment and tell me about what you are making, I would love to see pictures and hear your stories.

  • What you need:
    • One sheet of felt 9”x12” OR ⅛ yard of felt (I used navy)
    • One sheet of felt 9”x12” OR ⅛ yard of felt (I used mustard yellow)
    • One sheet of felt 9”x12” OR ⅛ yard of felt (I used grey)
    • Scraps of felt for the flames, windows, legs, and tip (I used yellow, orange, light blue, blue, and hot pink)
    • Small amount of thin cotton quilt batting
    • 4” of cord 2mm cord elastic
    • One ¾” button
    • Matching thread
    • Contrasting embroidery thread
    • Fabric paint (I used white and glow in the dark)
    • One sheet transparency film (used for old-school over-head projectors)
  • Cut out two pieces of felt using the EXTRA WIDE - FELT. To do this, layer the two sheets of felt (the navy and mustard); pin the pattern in place, and cut out using very sharp fabric scissors.
  • Cut out the constellations stencil. Lay the sheet of transparency film, on top of the stencil pattern, use a permanent marker to trace the stencil pattern onto the film, including the outside edge of the cozy shape. Use a mini hole punch and an exacto knife to cut out the pattern.
  • Tape the piece of navy felt to a piece of wax paper. Tape the constellations stencil on top of that. Using a sponge, sponge white and glow in the dark fabric paint onto the cozy. Let dry overnight. Test glow by holding the felt piece under a light for about 30 seconds and then turning off the lights. If it doesn’t glow enough for your taste add more paint and let dry overnight.
  • Layer the two cozy pieces of felt (the navy and the mustard) on top of each other making sure to match up the edges and corners. Fold the elastic in half and pin inside the felt sandwich according to the elastic placement marking on the pattern. Pin the rest of the sandwich so that it doesn’t move while sewing.
  • Using the sewing machine, stitch around the perimeter of the felt, ⅛” from the edge; making sure to back-stitch at the beginning and the end.
  • Sew the button onto the cozy, see the button placement marking on the pattern, going through both layers of felt.
  • Cut out the rest of the shapes, following the patterns. Grey for the rocket body; light blue for the outer windows; blue for the inner windows; hot pink for the rocket tip and legs; mustard yellow for the small flame; orange for the large flame. Cut the cotton quilt batting.
  • Stitch the light blue outer windows into place on one piece of the grey rocket body. Stitch the inner window piece in place on top of the light blue outer window pieces. Stitch the small flame onto the large flame.
  • Sandwich the quilt batting in between the two grey rocket pieces of felt, pin. Place the rocket legs and the flame in between the two rocket pieces, pin. Stitch around the outer edge of the rocket making sure to stitch through the legs and flame. Place the rocket tip in place (there will be some felt that hangs over the edge), stitch in place. Trim the extra felt from the tip of the rocket.
  • Stitch the rocket and the flame in place on the cozy, matching up the stitches you made when stitching the rocket together. The legs should not be stitched down.
  • Wrap the cozy around your favorite beverage and take your morning to the moon!

Here are the patterns. Print them out on a full sheet of paper.

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