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Monday, May 7, 2012

Rocket Ship Cozy

Her is the mystery project I have been working on!
Did anyone guess it was a rocket ship cozy? Nope, no one guessed. I got some pretty interesting guesses though, such as Space Camp outfits, and star painting. I am starting to think making Space Camp outfits might be a good idea. What kid didn't want to go to Space Camp? 

Here is what I really made, its a... ROCKET SHIP coffee cozy!
3...2...1... BLAST OFF!!!

How cute is this? 
The stars even glow in the dark, but the pictures of the glowing didn't turn out too well.
Check out this cozy on my Etsy shopRocket Ship Cozy

Check back here in a few days for the tutorial so you can make your own awesome Rocket Ship Cozy!

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