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Monday, December 3, 2012

A Craftster's Wish List

With Christmas fast approaching, I can't help thinking about what I am writing in my letter to Santa. Its will look something like this:

Dear Santa,
I have been really good this year. Yes, there have been times when I lost my temper with my husband and with my baby. There were times when I may have pretended not to smell that stinky diaper so that my husband would think he was the first to smell it and therefore have to change it. There may have been times when I make cookies under the guise of giving them to the maintenance men (and I did!) and then eaten half the batch. There may have been times when I watched Sister Wives instead of doing the dishes or yoga.

But Santa, I know you are a kind and forgiving gentleman who always looks for the best in people. And I know you see the best in me. So, without farther ado let me get to my list for this year.

I would like (in no particular order):

An Akro-Mils Hardware and Craft Cabinet. This would be perfect for helping me to organize all my little nicks and nacks in my craft and sewing studio. 
A Bobbinsaver Bobbin Organizer (in pink or purple, but I'm not picky). This would be a really great thing for me to have so that my bobbins dont get unraveled or roll away. 

A self-healing cutting mat, like this one. Its an Alvin Professional Cutting Mat. I would like a large size such as an 42"x30" or bigger. I know I had one in college and left it in the trunk for too long and now its all warped and broken. Please bring me a new one so I can use my rotary cutter and exacto knife again.

Some really awesome fabric. Can't be too specific, but one can never have too much fabric. Fat quarters would be great! Check out Hawthorne Threads,  Etsy, Spoonflower, and my Pinterest board Fabric I Need.

About a dozen Dritz Quilting Folding Seam Rippers. These are my all time favorite seam rippers and I am always misplacing mine. They fold up so you are never worried about sticking yourself, they are skinny and sharp so they work very well. They are really hard to find in the stores and I could use a bunch of back ups.

A Gutermann In-Home Sew-All 100-Color Thread Assortment. I mean, every girls dream, right?
Thank you, Santa, for reading my letter. I really hope you are staying warm in the North Pole and that Mrs. Claus is making you lots of hot chocolate. Please make sure to rest up so that you can be ready to go on Christmas Eve.  I will leave out cookies and carrots.

Much love,

PS, Please give my love to the elves, especially Buddy.

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