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Friday, October 25, 2013

Toddler Infinity Scarf

I just wanted to post a little brag. Just a little one.

The other night I was messing around with some yarn scraps and ended up making a scarf for my little J. It only took a movie or two of crocheting, and it turned out so well!

I wish I could share the tutorial with you, but I don't know how to write a crochet tutorial. I can tell you I made a circle with a chain stitch that I thought would be a good size and then kept going around and around with a double crochet stitch until I got the width I wanted.

It has a really great infinity twist to it. I honestly have no idea how I did that little twist, but its great!  The colors are really nice and unisex so my kiddos can share if J ever gives it up. He loves it and I am so glad! He goes around  proudly declaring "Mommy make starf for J!" It warms my heart every time he asks to wear it.

Happy Friday!



  1. So stinkn' cute-- You didn't tell how many you chained to get started???

    1. I just counted and its about 77 chains, give or take a few. There are 14 rows of double stitching. It could be made wider for a more significant scarf.

  2. this looks perfect for what I'm looking to make, what size hook did you use and yarn. oh and did you miss any stitches or did you DC in each stitch? xx

    1. HI! I used a 6.50mm hook. I used yarn scraps, pretty much the regular weight yarn that is in the big Lion's Brand or something like that skeins. I am pretty sure that I DC'd (can that be a verb?) into every chain. I'm sorry that I don't have all the answers for this, I just kind of made it up (as I do most of the time) but I don't know enough about crocheting to really write a pattern. I really hope you are able to make one. My son loves his! Let me know how it goes for you, thanks for reading!