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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Master Bedroom Pillows Makeover

When we got married we registered for a great bed set from Bed Bath and Beyond. It's vibrant and happy and lovely in our small bedroom. The only problem is its just a little too matchy matchy.

I think I was on a wedding registry high (pointing that little gun at items is super addictive!) and I didn't think about how mainstream everything would look. 

I have since come to my senses and learned that one should never buy everything from the same store. Shopping around is way better. Even if a collection is beautiful, don't buy the whole thing. It just ends up looking like you set up the store display in your house. Zero personality.

I am in love with our duvet cover. So that we will keep. I also love the vintage green crochet chevron blanket at the end of the bed. Its the throw pillows that could use some work. On the one hand I want to start over with our throw pillows. On the other hand I don't want to spend the money it would require to get cute new pillows. Solution: recover the pillows we already have!

This is the pillow that I am getting color inspiration from. Its a combination of teal, chartreuse, Kelley green, navy, purple, magenta, lighter pink, and goldenrod. This pillow sits on a great blue chair over in the corner of our bedroom and it will really pull everything together once the room  is done.
Truthfully, I would love two magenta velvet pillows, but I am not going to fork out the dough for that. So here are some of my fabric ideas. 

Don't you love the little hand of my helper in the corner?

I would love some input. Do you like these fabrics? Which one is your fave? Which fabrics would you use if it was up to you? Any combination of these or suggestions for different colors or patters or styles. Give me your creative juices!

Leave a comment with your ideas and then enter your email address and follow Domestic 360 for updates as our bedroom gets a little TLC.

Happy Decorating!



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  1. I think that the two fabrics that Avi has chosen go well with your inspiration pillow. However, I'm not sure that the blue/green one compliments your duvet cover as well as the print of stylized trees. Admittedly, I'm drawn to the tree fabric and the big black flower fabric. But, also think that both are in color harmony with your duvet.