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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spoonflower Fabrics

I will admit I have a slight fabric addiction. I can't help but collect wonderful printed cotton, and beautiful wovens, and scrumptious knits. I can always find something to make with whatever fabrics I have and I can't seem to help myself from imagining the projects that will be made out of a specific piece of fabric. Sometimes I have to restrain myself from browsing the aisles of fabric stores so I don't over spend.

One of my new favorite pastimes, is seeing what amazing fabrics are available on the internet. Its incredible! There is a whole new world, full of fun bright colors and styles! Its especially exciting to look for prints and quilting cottons.They have everything you could ever imagine on the internet, fabrics in millions of  prints and styles and colors. Nothing like the everyday stuff you find in a chain fabric store. The verity of fabric right at your fingertips is just great. Buying your fabric online is certainly the way to make your projects unique. is one of the coolest fabric websites out there. This is place to go for the most unique and special fabrics. On Spoonflower you can create your own fabric or get a piece of hand-designed fabric of someone else's design. Its truly amazing what you can find of this website. I could spend hours being sucked into the world of Spoonflower. 

I finally got an excuse to buy some fabric from Spoonflower. A friend of mine from college asked me to make her a strap for her new camera.  She wanted a print that was tribalesque and had too many colors and patterns to clash with anything. I loved this goal, something that was so bold and awesome on its own that it went with everything, and at the same time nothing. 

We shopped around for the perfect fabric and ended up finding it on Spoonflower. I was actually giddy to order this fabric. I have been wanting to order something from this company for a long time, and I finally got my chance! I even ordered a little extra so I could have some for a future project.

I didn't even wait to get up to my apartment to open the package. I opened it right away and am so thrilled to share my experience with you!


Isn't it pretty presentation?

How awesome is this print? SO AWESOME!

I highly recommend purchasing some fabric from, its so worth the little extra money to have something so unique. 

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