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Monday, July 9, 2012

Beach and Imagination Tent

I saw this tent on Cakies and I fell in love! 

I just had to make one for my son.

I have been looking for a great a-frame tent tutorial for a beach tent, and this couldn't have been easier to build. I used a old bed sheet for the cover and it made the whole process super quick. I also got the guy at Lowes to cut the 8' 1x2s in half right there in the store so I didn't have to pull out the saw at home. This really couldn't have been easier. 

I loved watching my baby boy play in the tent pitched in our living room. He loved crawling back and forth. It did get a little rickety when he tried to pull himself up on the 1x2s, but once he is walking that won't be a problem.

I think this tent will make the perfect escape from the sun on our beach week and now we have an awesome place to make-believe for years to come!

Please go over to Cakies and check out this tutorial!


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